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Top 5 Best TVs to Buy in India

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With so many TV models in the market, it gets really fussy to find the right TV for your home. A decade back, there were just a few brands to choose from and it was comparatively simpler to decide. But, with the introduction of several new and budget-friendly choices, deciding on a TV is getting difficult every day.

Even the specifications and features have been heightened to a brand new level. Rather than just looking for clarity and sound, features like Smart TVs, App mirroring, and Internet connectivity has taken a front seat.

A lot of readers wanted us to a guide on – what you should look for while getting yourself a TV? We dug dip to find out what’s trending and what features you should look for while buying a TV and here is what we found out. In this write-up, you will also get a glance of the best TVs available in the market. So, let’s start:

Buying guide for a TV

Decide the price range

Fortunately, TV is no more a luxury in the Indian market, rather it’s a necessity. Acknowledging the chemistry of the existing market, brands have lowered the price to a whole new level. If your budget is below 20k, you can get a gorgeous 32 to 40 inch TV.

Prices start from 10k and go up to 30k for a 40 inch TV. If you are ready to spend a little more, you can get even get a 55 inch TV with every feature available in the market. More money buys you better contrast and colour spectrum.

Choose the TV size

You might get a small TV due to budget constraints, but in the end, you might regret it. The size of a TV is always determined by where it’s placed, whether you are putting it in the living room or the bedroom. If you are placing it in the living room, you need a bigger option. Whereas if it’s a decent-sized bedroom, even 40 inch TV will be sufficient.

Curved or Flat

The curved TV might tempt you at first glance, but it may not be the best option. It’s just a passing trend that can make you regret your decision later. Go for flat TVs as they always offer the best picture quality.

Choose OLED or LED

Very first, we want to make it clear that by far OLED is the best option you will get in the Indian market. However, it’s expensive, so you can go for 4K LED TV and if you haven’t experienced OLED TVs, you won’t notice any difference.

Both OLED and LED TVs work well in all lighting conditions. But, LEDs especially work well in well-lit conditions. As for the viewing angle, to get the best picture, you get to sit right in front of the LED TV.

If you are sitting at a side angle the picture might get blurry. With OLED, this is not a problem, so even if you are sitting on the very corner, you get a pretty good visual.

 One of the visual differences that you will notice between them is the thickness. While OLED is no thick than a couple of credit cards combined, LED TV is thicker in comparison.

TV Resolution

One of the confusing terms you will come across while buying a TV is 4k and Ultra HD. Let’s clear it first, both 4K and Ultra HD TV are the same things. The only difference you need to see is whether you want just HD TV or 4K TV. As the name suggests, 4K TV is four times better than a traditional HD TV. With normal HD TVs, you will miss half of the interesting content, so better get ultra HD TV.

Smart options

Smart TVs are pretty standard choices these days and if you are into Amazon Prime and Netflix, it’s a must. It’s also a great way to get rid of the unnecessary wires and tangling. These TVs will show almost all sorts of content, including videos, music, and photos from other gadgets like computers and phones.

TV Warranty

Most of the recognized TV brands have authorized service centres across the country. So, if you got any problem, you can easily visit your nearby store. Consider buying a TV with at least two years of warranty.

5 Best TVs to Buy in India

1.     Sony Bravia KD-65A9F (65 Inches)

Best TVs - Sony

Sony has maintained its position as the best TV manufacturer for years. If you are ready to spend a bit on quality output, Sony Bravia KD-65A9F (65 Inches) is the ultimate choice. You will fall in love with this TV right at first glance. First of all, it’s an OLED TV, so the picture quality is undoubtedly the best.

Over 8 million self-illuminating pictures are known to bring authentic colour experience. Plus the OLED comes with Pixel Contrast booster for better contrast and 4K X-Reality Pro. Everything you watch seems to come to life with this TV.

Three actuators and two powerful subwoofers will deliver sounds from different directions. You just need to connect the device to an amplifier to turn it into a high-quality centre speaker. It’s an android TV, so, you can do almost everything on it that you do with your smartphone and tablets. Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, and much, you get to enjoy a world of apps with this TV.

If you are an avid gaming fan, this TV is made just for you. Gamers can enjoy HDR gaming with PlayStation on this bigger and better screen. Whether it’s the Play Station 4 or Play Station 4 Pro Console, it will bring your favourite games to life.


  • Smart TV
  • Excellent Imaging
  • Better Contrast
  • Best for gaming


  • Extremely Pricey

2. Panasonic TH-65GX600D- 65 inches

Panasonic TV

Another top model on our list by Panasonic, a tech giant that is known for its flawless TV qualities. Here we are going to discuss the Panasonic TH-65GX600D. You will receive this 65 inch TV with an external soundbar. The UI is very simple and user-friendly, so even if you are bringing Panasonic TV for the first time, it won’t be any hassle to run it.

It’s a 4K Ultra HD TV with 3 HDMI ports to connect with Blu Ray Players, gaming consoles, and another USB device. Even though it’s not an OLED TV, the IPS super bright panel makes sure you get a real-life TV experience. What’s best here is it’s a smart TV so you get to explore so many apps. However, if compared to Samsung and Sony, the app bracket here is not that efficient.

As you are going to get a Dolby picture experience here, you can easily place this TV in your living room. Overall it’s the second-best TV you can access right now in India.


  • 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Excellent sound


  • Pricey

3.     LG 55UM7300, 55 inch

Best TVs - LG

LG has been a reputable brand in the TV market for a while now. One of the best LG TV is LG UM7300. The TV is known for its wide viewing angles and great reflection handling. The 4K HDR resolution TV details bring you improved images, action and colour, and reduce the distracting noises, and motion blur.

You will find it embedded with Alexa, LG Thinq, and Google Assistant and it’s also one of the first TVs to integrate both Alexa and Google Assistant with LG Thinq. Even the viewing angle here is one of the best ones. No matter where you sit, you are going to receive accurate imaging.

Well, there are better TVs by LG with better brightness and contrast, but of course, you will have to pay a lot for that. So, better stick to this one, as it will work both for your living room and bedroom.


  • Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Better brightness and contrast


  • Not the best Smart TV

4.     Samsung UA43N5300AR – 43 inch

Best TVs - Samsung

If you don’t go by size, SAMSUNG UA43N5300AR – 43 inches is the third-best TV you can buy in the market. Even with 43 inches screen, it offers the best viewing angle that you can get with a full HD TV. Watch your chosen content with deep and crisp colours for a more powerful viewing experience.

Eliminating the need for cables and wires, the TV has been embedded with an inbuilt set-up box. But, it doesn’t limit you to add Blu Ray Players and Gaming Consoles. For this purpose, 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port has been embedded to the system.

Working people will like TV as it can be turned into a full-fledged computer. Mirror your screen or choose to work from the cloud, the choice is completely yours. Dive into your content with more immersive audio and Beamforming technology.

Last but not least the smart hub gives access to everything in one go, including live TV, Apps, and everything else. Overall, it’s the best 43 inch TV and it will work well in both the bedroom and living room.


  • Inbuilt set-top box.
  • micro dimming pro-technology


  • Only 1 USB port

5.     Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32-inches

Mi LED 4C Pro

Want a revolutionary TV experience on a small screen and a limited budget, go for the Mi LED TV 4C. Mi is leaving its mark on the TV market quite successfully. And, because they are providing a budget solution to the Indian household, it’s difficult to not fall for its products.

The device comes with an HD ready display that will offer brilliant clarity and brightness. There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to connect to set-top box, Blu Ray Players, and gaming consoles.  

Do not expect the clarity of Sony Bravia, but it’s a decent choice for a budget television.


  • Good quality pictures with audio
  • Adequate connectivity ports
  • Decent OS


  • Does not support Netflix
  • HDMI port does not have ARC compatibility

 Frequently Asked Questions about Televisions

Do smart TVs support every video app?

No, they might not support every existing app. On a common note, most of the smart TVs will support Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Hot star. Confirm once if you want any other app to work.

How to know if my TV supports the Amazon Firestick?

Most of the TVs these days are supporting the Amazon fire stick. If there is an HDMI port on your TV, it can play Amazon Fire Stick.

What is wireless mirroring?

Wireless mirroring is a term used to denote a feature through which, you can mirror your phone’s data to the TV. You don’t need any cables and wires to do so and all your media files, including images, and videos will be displayed right on the TV. You just have to download a mirroring app and things will be easier.

What’s the benefit of Smart TVs?

Having a smart TV will eliminate the need for the ugly wires and cables. Plus, you get access to the whole internet and video apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Hot Star, and Amazon Prime Video

How much internet speed is necessary for an obstacle-free TV experience?

The requirement may vary depending on the resolution of your TV, but if you are trying a trouble-free TV experience go for a minimum 3 Mbps speed. The more it is the better. Most of the metro cities in India are offering speed up to 12 MBPS, which is pretty good for any smart TV.


A decent choice of television with all the modern features is the Samsung TV, but if you are ready to spend and want the best of the market, go for Sony Bravia. For a budget option, there can’t be a better TV than Mi.

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