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Bluetooth Speakers – 6 Top-rated models to Buy in India

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With the Bluetooth speakers technology rapidly improving in terms of sound and output, the market is flooded with a myriad of options. To cope with the dilemma of what to buy and what to not, here we have curated the list of the best Bluetooth speakers in India:

Technology changes trends forever, and the same happened in the case of speakers and stereos. There was a time when every household could be seen with a stereo system and now those big chunky speakers are being replaced by small and rather handsome Bluetooth Speakers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor listening, these tiny devices are at the pick of popularity.

But first, you must know what you shall seek. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, everyone has their unique requirements. E.g., someone wants it for outdoor music, others want it for soft morning music in the office, and some might need to arrange a loud party with it. To full-fill the varying need of customers, there is a variety of Bluetooth speakers in the market and here is the guideline to understand what you should look for:

Buying Guide for Bluetooth Devices

Audio quality

When you are buying a Bluetooth speaker, the first thing you should determine is its audio quality. Everything else can be adjusted with, but if the music quality is bad itself, your purchase might seem worthless. Look for a speaker with below 1% harmonic distortion. Another factor affecting the sound of a speaker is the frequency response. It ranges between 100Hz to 20 kHz, and the low-frequency point will indicate the bass you expect. So, the lower the response, the better it is.

Audio Power

Although most of the time, Bluetooth speakers are not specified with this parameter, if you can get a rough idea it’s good. The power will be mentioned in watt and although 10 watts is loud, a small speaker can’t tolerate this much power. Look for more power only if you are trying to play it outdoors and in large spaces.

Bluetooth Version

As you are looking for Bluetooth speakers, it’s equally important to check for the Bluetooth version. The first Bluetooth version that was released was v.1 and now it has reached up to 4.0 and even 5. Anything above 2.1 is considered good and the higher it is the better features you can expect. Most of the latest Bluetooth speakers are allowing data tracking and collection from trackers and sensors. If you are using different trackers, it will be good to have a Bluetooth speaker with good compatibility.

Connecting Multiple Speakers

Some speakers can be connected with other speakers to produce stereo sound. If you want stereo sound, you should look for this feature.

Size and Shape

Speaker manufacturers are rolling out Bluetooth speakers in multiple shapes and sizes. They can be small and conical, cylindrical, and even round. Even when Bluetooth speakers are all rage because of its compact and enchanting shapes, always remember that the bigger the size, the better will be the music quality.


Compact Bluetooth speakers have gained their popularity because they can be taken anywhere. What if you want to play it beside your pool? To serve such a purpose, it must be waterproof. There are some Bluetooth speakers that are even submersible, but that’s too high a demand until it’s too important. It will be a good idea to look for a speaker with a water-resistant feature.

Best Bluetooth Speakers in the Indian market

1.    Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus

In terms of audio gadgets, one of the most sought brands in India is Bose. One of its most premium products being Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus that comes in a cylindrical shape and is more tapered towards the top section. Made up of a single block of aluminium, this luxury Bluetooth device delivers sound very loud and clear.

Even the bass and treble level is pretty good with well-balanced mids and highs. Deep, loud, and immersive, if placed in front of the wall, it will radiate and reflect the same noise around. The device comes with an in-built mic, which allows making hand-free calls.

With its v4.1 Bluetooth, you can hear a very crisp sound for up to 10 m. The speaker supports voice prompts, Siri, as well as Google Assistant. Its battery capacity will be backing continuous music for up to 12 hours. And to charge the battery to its full, it will need just 3 to 4 hours. 

You can pair two speakers at a time for a party mode playback or stereo. Plus, you can multi connect the device, where you can easily swap control over the music. The device has been extensively tested for water-resistant and comes with an IPX4 rating. All in all, it’s the best purchase if you are ready to spend a bit on quality.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Well balanced sound
  • Nice build quality
  • Solid aluminium build
  • Clean sound output
  • Brand value


  • No SD card slot/FM tuner
  • Very expensive

2.    JBL Flip 4

One other popular name in the field of Bluetooth speakers is JBL. Its build quality and aesthetics make it a suitable choice for both office and household use. After the success of JBL Flip 3, came the JBL Flip 4 and it’s ruling the audio world right now. You will see 4 buttons here along with a JBL Connect button for quicker connectivity. 

If caparisoned with Flip 3, this has a much better sound quality and a lot many improved features. The device is embedded with dual passive bass radiators, which gives a pretty nice bass and treble quality. The company claims a battery life of 12 hours, which is right at some level. Even with continuous usage, it will work for approximately 10 hours.

With Bluetooth version 4.2, you can hear the music up to a good distance. The product is available in 6 different colours, including white, black, blue, grey, red, and teal. As the device is IPX7 waterproof, you can take it anywhere without the worry of running it. You can also talk to Siri and Alexa with a simple click of a button. 


  • Excellent bass, treble, and midst 
  • Good battery life,
  • IPX7 waterproofing.


  • Distorts at high volumes,
  • Exposed radiators.

3.    Sony SRS-XB31 Extra Bass Wireless Speaker

When it comes to audio and video electronics, Sony is always ahead in the competition. The same goes for the case of Bluetooth speakers. If you want a portable speaker with decent bass, Sony SRS-XB31 is the best portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy. 

The SRS –XB31 comes with multi-coloured flashing light that if synced to the beat will give a nice party effect. The lights can be adjusted using the app. There is also a party booster embedded in it, which allows you to tap on different parts of the speaker to get different sounds like scratch kick, drum, cowbell, and snare. You can get the party booming with a wireless party chain, which can connect up to 100 wireless speakers. 

The company claims the battery life of approximately 24 hours, which is the highest. With just 3 hours of charging, you can use it for two days of lighter functions. If you want to charge it faster, do it while switching it off. You will receive the product with IP67 rating rustproof, waterproof, dustproof. Available in 5 different colours, it’s the best purchase you can make. 


  • Good application support
  • High bass
  • IP67 certification


  • Adjusting the lights requires the app

4.    Echo Dot Gen smart Bluetooth speakers

Looking for a budget option, Echo Dot is the best Bluetooth speaker in India. It’s more in demand because of its virtual assistant feature which is guided by Alexa. Along with letting you listen to your favourite music, the app allows voice interactions, weather reports, browsing YouTube streaming, listening podcasts, and playing recorded audios. This virtual assistant will diligently assist you with your queries with real-time details. 

Not just it, you can also stream music from song apps like Gaana, Saavan, Amazon prime music, and any latest releases. What we like the most about this VA is it’s home automation feature. Using the device, you can control the electronic smart devices in your home with just your voice. 

Echo Dot even allows you to order food via apps like Zomato and Swiggy and book Ola and Uber cabs. To let you watch your favourite shows, Alexa will access your Fire TV and browse your favourite movies and TV shows on an app like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos.


  • Songs and Music.
  • Latest Updates about sports.
  • Messages and Hands-Free Calling.


  • Nothing of much concern

5.    Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speakers

Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speakers wirelessly streams high-quality sound from your smartphones and tablets. It’s one of the best speakers under 3000, with wireless connectivity and a 3.5 mm connecting wire too. The highlights here will be a crystal-clear sound with deep bass and clear treble.

The device comes with a lithium battery that will give 12 hours of non-stop music and can be easily recharged. Design and build are elegant and sturdy, so do not worry about wear and tear.


  • Loud
  • Portable
  • Decently priced


  • You will need to equalize the bass a little
  • Looks could have been better

6.    Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Bluetooth speakers

After the success of UE 2, UE came with the second version UE 3 and it’s definitely a worthy

purchase. Just like Bose sound link, it comes with 360-degree sound benefits, giving equal energy in all corners. You can pair it with any UE boom 2-3 model, boom or mega boom to create a stereo sound.

The maximum sound that you get here is 90 decibels. The speaker also has an incredible IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification. So, it will survive 30 min being submerged inside the water.

The two-tone fabric colour stands out in any interior, giving just the right mood to any environment. You will find it durable as it is made from the fabric of motorcycle jackets and fire equipment.


  • Can be connected with multiple speakers
  • Nicely designs
  • Water submersible


  • A little pricey

Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth speaker

Does Bluetooth work without Wi-Fi or cell service?

Bluetooth devices are all about transmitting a signal over a limited distance and they have nothing in common with Wi-Fi network and cell service. To use the service, you do not require any Wi-Fi network. These two are completely different technology and works on very different principles. 

Can you use multiple Bluetooth speakers at a time?

Usually, Bluetooth speaker is connected via some sort of app, mostly without wiring. But understanding the stereo demand of customers, some Bluetooth speakers have been rolled out that allows connection with each other too. This fulfils the need for stereo sound and can be used in large spaces. 

What are the benefits of Bluetooth speakers?

The compact nature of Bluetooth speakers makes it very portable. Along with being so tiny, they offer a decent quality of sound too. Plus, these mini speakers are known for their versatility as they can be connected with several types of gadgets like tablets, laptops, smartphones, iPods, and cell phones.


All the above-mentioned Bluetooth speakers stand by their claim of quality. But, if you are ready to spend a little more for better quality, don’t think twice about buying Bose Soundlink. And for those looking for a budget option with multiple benefits, Echo Dot is the best.

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