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Best Washing Machine in India

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Washing machine is no more a luxury in the Indian market; rather it’s a necessity that must be fulfilled. Keeping up with the technology, manufacturers are already into a cut-throat competition to provide Indian households with the best washing machines. In fact, the market is flooded with so many options that it gets confusing for the customers to make a choice.

Solving this problem, we have compiled a list of the best washing machines you can buy. Along with the detailed reviews of these products, we are going to help you understand your requirements. So, before you rush out to buy a washing machine, educate yourself with the tit-bits of washing machines.

Buying guide for washing machine

Before you buy a machine, there are a lot of things, you will want to consider. Given below are the categories that define the efficiency of a washing machine. Have a look:

Full automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The first differentiating factor among washing machines is whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic. Fully automatic machines will wash, rinse, and dry in one go with its automated functioning and one tub solution. Automatic machines these days are coming with several processes where you can choose Wash-rinse-spin or simply rinse or spin or even spin option alone. These models are compact in comparison to the semi-automatic machine as there is just one tub attached. Even the water here is automatically filled, so you can just select the process and indulge yourself in other chores, while your clothes are being washed.

In the semi-automatic one, there are two tubs, one for washing and another for rinsing and spin. In some of the semi-automatic machines, the rinsing and washing tub is the same and for spinning, you have to use the other tub. These machines are way cheaper than fully automatic machines but at the cost of manual intervention. Here the process starts by filling the drum with water and then selecting the process. You will also have to shift the clothes to the other compartment. It definitely gives more control here, but the task can be tough.

Front vs Top Load Washing Machine

The story behind the front and top load machine come with a contradiction in foreign countries and India. Although the front loading machine is more water and energy-saving and comes with a better cleaning option, in the Indian household top load always wins.

Some of the reasons behind this popularity of top loader are – in India, we don’t always use hot water for washing, which is a top feature of front loads, second, you have to bend a little for filling and extracting the laundry, which is a problem for elderly. Even in terms of space, the top loaders are a winner, as the door opens at the top.

So, if you want a better cleaning with warm water, and has the space for it, Front loaders are for you. And, for those who want more control, with smaller cycles, opt for the top loader. Just make sure to go for high-end options as the initial ones are not that good at cleaning.

Washing Machine Size and Capacity

The most selling machines come between the ranges of 5 kg to 10 kg. If it’s a nuclear family, anything between 5 to 7 kg is more than enough. For the elongated joint family, there are options with large capacity.

Before you make a decision, look for the dimension of the machine and decide a place to fit it in. We will also recommend measuring the door through which it is going to pass. Once you have decided the space, try leaving 6 inches behind for water pipes and another setting.

Cleaning option

The more the cleaning options are, the better it will. Look for cleaning options like swinging, scrubbing, tumbling, etc. Some of the machines are also coming with Auto Detergent dispenser that makes sure that just the right amount of detergent is being used.

Inverter technology in washing machines

Unlike the washing machines earlier, modern machines come with an inverter technology that adjusts the speed of the motor according to the load. This enhances the quality of the wash, along with saving energy.

So, this was the checklist that you must go through before buying a washing. Now depending on all these features, here we have the best washing machines you can avail in India:

Best Washing Machines to Buy in India

1. IFB 8 Kg Senator Aqua SX – Front-Loading Washing Machine 

Best Washing Machine - IFB
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IFB is among the most sought after brands of washing machines. Whether you buy its front load or top load machines, it’s always a win-win. The company has never failed its customers in any way. One of its trending products is the 8 Kg Senator Aqua SX.

It’s a front load washing machine, suitable for both small and large Indian families. There are tons of cycles and features for you to explore. To solve the problem of hard water, IFB has come up with the Aqua Energie feature. This particular feature is responsible for converting the bicarbonates in water into crystals. The crystals will go into the drain so you don’t have to worry about scaling or any other issues.

The Air Bubble Wash System in the machine ensures a thorough cleaning job by allowing the bubbles deep inside the stains. Taking a step ahead in the washing technology, IFB has included 3D wash technology. The swoosh patterns of the water inside the drum ensures that the clothes don’t rub against each other.


  • Better drying
  • 3d cleaning
  • Add fabric softener
  • You can even wash blankets in it


  • Requires a specific size tap for installation

2. Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Front-Load – WAK24268IN

Best Washing Machine - Bosch
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One of another unbeatable leader in the washing machine market is Bosch 7 Kg fully front load machine. The German manufacturer has come with some excellent features and a variety of wash cycles.

The Active water facility of the system helps determine the water level by the weight and fabric of the laundry. While most of the washing machines are known for their annoying vibration noise, this one here comes with Anti-Vibration designs. You will hardly hear any noise coming out of the laundry room.

In comparison to the other washing machines, the Bosch front-load machine is a time saver. It takes almost 65% less time to complete the same load with better cleaning. The Vario-drum feature here will dig deep into the stains, along with maintaining a gentle wash all over.

The machine works well even at the 0.3 bars low water pressure. You will get it with unique water filters that suit all kinds of tap. In case you have kids in your home, there is a child lock feature too keeping it from being messed. It’s a good pick if you have a small and medium-sized family.


  • Perfect wash
  • Saves time
  • Works at even low flow of water
  • Prompt after-sales service
  • 2 year on product and 10-year warranty on motor


  • Spare parts are expensive


3. LG 8 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine – T9077NEDL1

Best Washing Machine - LG
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Although front-loading machines are the best, Indian households are more about top-loading washing machines. The catch here will be picking a top model and one of the best models we came across is LG T9077NEDL1 8 kg washing machine. The 8 kg washing machine will suit the need of a medium as well as large family.

When it comes to water and energy, it saves 70% of water and 40% energy with its inverter technology. One of the exquisite features that we came across here is the in-built jet spray mode. The water jet will wash off the excess dirt from the cloth, giving a clean wash.

The inside of the machine is a stainless steel drum that eliminates germs and bacteria. So, there won’t be any unpleasant smell or corrosion.


  • Excellent washing performance
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use control options
  • Good for big families too
  • 2-year warranty


  • Time adjustment for rinsing is not there

4. Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL Front-loading Machine

Best Washing Machine - Samsung
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Samsung washing machines come with a variety of washing options. The machine works on the digital inverter motor, which is less noisy and even saves energy. If you are tired of the tangled washing, the Diamond Drum Technology is here to make sure that the clothes do not tangle.

The wash cycle here can be as low as 15 minutes, which means you can finish the load the fastest way. Apart from its excellent performance, even its outer appearance is quite good. The Volt Control option is helpful in places where there is a lot of voltage fluctuation. Plus, here you are getting the warranty of 10 years. It’s definitely a good deal.


  • Excellent performance
  • Diamond drum prevents cloths from damaging
  • Energy-efficient


  • The LED display is difficult to see in sunlight

5. Whirlpool Ace Supreme Plus – Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine - Whirlpool
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Some people always root for semi-automatic options, plus it’s a cheaper option. So, if you are not satisfied with the collar and cuffs scrubbing that automatic machines give, Whirlpool 7.2 kg semi-automatic machine is the right choice.

The Ace Supreme Plus is the best automatic machine in India with features that lets you sort and stack your clothes the way you like. Whirlpool has kept the impeller system in the machine, ensuring a clean wash every time.

Even the cleaning here is better than any other washing machine and you won’t see lint here and there. There is also a built-in scrubber to give your clothing a perfect wash.


  • Ace Wash station gives convenience
  • Lint filter
  • Scrubber for proper washing
  • 2-year warranty on product and 5 years on motor


  • No hot water wash

6. LG P8035SPMZ 8 kg – Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine - LG
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Those who want a semi-automatic machine here is another option – the LG P9037R3SM semi-automatic machine. It has four different washing options to wash different types of clothes (Gentle, Normal, Strong, Soak). Plus, here is the Wind Dry Jet Technology that enables better drying of clothes.

Living on the ground floor, with a fear of rats? The machine also has a rat away technology. You can move it anywhere with its 360-degree wheels, so space isn’t going to be the problem in this machine.


  • Wind Jet Dry Technology
  • Rat away technology


  • Mostly plastic body

Frequently asked questions about washing machines?

What is the best, semi or fully automatic machine?

Without a thought, go for the fully automatic machines as they are less time and power-consuming. Consider the semi-automatic machines only if your budget is low or there are water issues in your area.

Front-load or top-load what to pick if you are looking for power consumption and better cleaning?

Although the top loading machines are equally good as front-loading machines, when it comes to power consumption and cleaning clothes, front-loading machines are the best. The difference here is really small.

Direct drive motors or belt-drive motors, what is better?

The direct driver motors consume lesser vibration and noise and are less electricity consuming. There is just one issue here – faster wear and tear. Belt driver motors, on the other hand, are cheaper, so they are more affordable. However, you will be getting more vibration and noise with this one.

Why front loaders are more expensive?

Front-loading machines come with a tumbler washing system, which is more expensive. Plus, there are comparatively more features in the front loaders, so, it’s obvious the cost is high. In the long-run, it’s a good investment.

You can set the program on a user-friendly LCD panel. There is even a four-year comprehensive warranty on the product so you don’t worry about wear and tear claims.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for serious one-time investment, go for Bosch or IFB and for those who are looking for a budget option with some good cleaning, the Whirlpool Ace Supreme Plus – Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is a good option.

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