Best Air Conditioner to Buy in India

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With the growing temperature in India, Air Conditioner (AC) is no more a luxury rather it has become a necessity. Still, there is so much speculation around buying an AC. With lots of options available, consumers are left confused with what to buy and what to avoid. According to experts, there are some golden rules for buying AC. Here we are going to share that along with a list of the best Air Conditioners you can avail.

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Best Air Conditioner -
Best Air Conditioner -
Best Air Conditioner -
Hitachi 1.5T Voltas 1.5T Whirlpool 1.5T

Guidelines for Buying an AC

·       Room Size

You got to buy an AC, which is suitable for your room size. For example, an AC that works very well in your bedroom, might not work in a huge living room. Follow this chart to understand how much ton you require:

   9*10 ft. Room     1 Ton Capacity  
  10*11 ft. Room     1.2 Ton Capacity  
  10*15 ft. Room     1.5 Ton Capacity  
  10*20 ft. Room     2 Ton Capacity  

Some other factors that might affect the cooling of the room are – the height of the room, the number of windows in there, and room temperature. If it’s 9.5 high or more, you need a high cooling system or if the structure is on the top floor and more the temperature will be high due to sun contact.

·       Energy Efficiency

While buying an AC, you should look for a high star product. It will cost a bit more, but in the long run, it will save a lot on the bill.

·       Window AC or Split AC

The first step towards buying a good AC is determining whether you need a Split AC or Window AC. Both have their unique features, so you will have to look into its benefits. Here it is:

Window AC

As the name suggests, window AC requires a window to fit. Suitable for smaller rooms, these ACs are easier to set up and needs no drilling on the wall. Some window ACs also come with the option of the blower, which you can use to stay warm during winters. Last but not least, they are far more economical.

Split AC

In Split AC, compressor and condenser are outside the room, which reduces the sound issue associated with some of the window ACs. It even cools faster and is used for a high volume of air.

·       Warranty and after-sales Service

AC maintenance and repair is never cheap and can cost you quite a lot. So, before you get one make sure, the company is offering some kind of warranty and decent after-sales services. Compare one brand with another and see what you benefit from this?

Consider these options and select one of the options given below:

Best Air Conditioner you can buy in India

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1.    Hitachi 1.5T 5-Star Inverter Split AC

The first Air Conditioner on our list is Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It’s a master product to beat the summers and especially the humidity that comes during monsoon. As it’s a 1.5 ton Split Ac, we will recommend it for both small and large size rooms. The AC utilizes approximately 1300 watt of electricity, which is fairly reasonable in comparison to its competitors.

During humid seasons, most of the ACs start giving bad odour. But this one here comes with wide angles deflector wave blade design that can remove the bad odour. It even keeps the coil dry for longer and better performance.

Some of the features, you are going to enjoy with Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 star AC is powerful mode, timer, tropical inverter, and auto-clean technology. Buyers will also enjoy the warranty of one year on the product and 5-year of compressor and condenser warranty.

  • Cooling is great
  • Inverter technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Follow me feature for automatic cooling
  • Save energy
  • A little pricey
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2.    Voltas 1.5T 3-Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas is the most sought AC brand in India and its 1.5 ton 3 star Air Conditioner is the most economical and reliable option you can get. Suitable for the medium-sized room, it is manufactured with a variable speed compressor. You can get it for your master bedroom or a decent-sized living room too.

The AC will consume around 1500 watts, giving a cooling effect of around 1.46 tons. The AC has been seen acting fine even in the 45 degrees above the temperature of June and July. Plus, there is no surge in power consumption too.

Voltas has given this product a 2 stage filter too, which will remove the odour as well as pollutants.

Some of the much-needed features you will get here are low voltage operations, timer mode, dehumidifier, sleep mode, and instant cooling. So, get this product with 1 year of warranty on condenser and 5 years on compressor.

  • Noise-free operation
  • Efficient cooling
  • Justifiable Price
  • Durable
  • Air filters are not as effective
LG 1.5T 3-Star Inverter Split AC -
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3.    LG 1.5T 3-Star Inverter Split AC

LG is well known among Indian consumers for a variety of large appliances. Their Air Conditioners are famous for cooling efficiency and energy-saving technology.  Here we are talking about  LG 1.5- Ton, 3 star AC, which is suitable for 120 to 180 sq. ft. room.

You will notice a Low refrigerant detection feature here, which will keep the room comfortable by optimizing the temperature. For sudden cooling, there is an instant cooling feature named Himalaya Cool Technology. There is also an R32 refrigerant to reduce carbon footprint.

Consumers do not have to worry about voltage fluctuations and electrical ups and down, as there is an in-built stabilizer to protect the AC. The Gold Fin Condenser is added specially for the adverse Indian conditions such as moisture, salty air, and domestic pollutants.

Monsoon Comfort Technology doesn’t allow humidity to enter the room in any case of rainfall. The warranty for the compressor here is 10-years and 1-year for the product.

  • 3-star rating
  • Microdust protection
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Its 3 star
Voltas 1.5T 5-Star Window AC -
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4.    Voltas 1.5T 5-Star Window AC

Another one on our list is Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Window AC. If you are looking for a window AC, blindly pick the Voltas 1.5 Ton AC. It’s kind of perfect for area size between 120-200 sq. ft.

The cooling capacity is improved by its ultra-durable rotary compressor. Even in the temperature of 50 degrees and high humidity, the AC will perform decently. Built with premium copper wires, the AC will offer the best cooling for years.

Some of the features, you are going to get here is sleep mode, auto-restart, timer, and turbo mode. Buy this product with 5 years of compressor and one year of product warranty.

  • Instant cooling feature
  • In-built humidifier
  • Energy Efficient
  • High-quality material
  • A little noisy
Samsung 1.0T 3-Star Inverter Split AC -
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5.    Samsung 1.0T 3-Star Inverter Split AC

If you are planning to get an AC for small-sized room or bedroom (<= 100sq ft.), Samsung’s 1 Ton AC is a good choice in terms of material quality, cooling efficiency, and features. It comes with a variable speed compressor that is available with the lowest noise operations.

For improved safety, the AC is embedded with Triple Protector Plus, which acts against sudden fluctuation of voltage. It even has an anti-corrosion feature by Durafin that offers better resistance and performance. There is also Single User Mode, which can change the capacity of its inverter, saving more energy than any ordinary AC.

The AC comes with three-level protection, including Compressor Protector, Controller Protector, and Fin & Chassis Protector. Users can get it with 10 years of compressor and 5-years of condenser warranty. Run it for 16 to 20 hours daily and still the bill won’t cross 3000k.

  • Triple Protector Plus
  • Energy Saving
  • Sturdily Built
  • Anti-corrosion by Durafin
  • A little pricey
Daikin 1.5T 5-Star Inverter Split AC -
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6.    Daikin 1.5T 5-Star Inverter Split AC

The Daikin 1.5 Ton AC works on the principles of superior heat exchanger technology, which improves its performance remarkably. It’s also one of the most energy-efficient AC in the Indian market. The latest Econo Mode technology benefits in preventive extreme power consumption.

What we like the best about this Split AC is the self-diagnostic feature. None of its peers are providing this feature and it’s a real help in understanding what’s wrong with your AC (in case something goes wrong, which is hardly the case). The fault error code is displayed directly on the remote LCD.

You will also notice a unique air draft in there, which won’t directly fall on the head, rather keeps moving upward and toward the corner.

We also found it to be an eco-friendly solution in comparison to the other options available. The R32 refrigerant in there reduces the carbon footprint at some level. Some of the additional features you get here are Good sleep off Timer and Neo Swing technology that will bring you quiet and efficient operation.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy saver
  • Very expensive
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7.    Whirlpool 1.5T Fantasia

Whirlpool has got some loyal customers, whether for its refrigerator, washing machine or Air Conditioners. This model, Whirlpool Fantasia is the most economical air conditioner available with a 5-star rating. It will consume around 995W of power that offers 5200W of cooling capability.

The auto-clean facility reduces the need for regular servicing as it cleans itself from inside with the anti-bacterial and silver-on filters. You can use the turbo mode for instant cooling and it even works on most humid days with its dehumidification traits.

Further, you get a 4 years warranty on the compressor and 1+1 on the overall conditioner.

  • Stylish and powerful
  • Excellent cooling
  • Most economical 5 star AC
  • No additional filters


Out of all these on the list, go for Hitachi if you want an unstoppable performance for years. And, for those looking for an economical solution should choose between Voltas and Whirlpool. For us Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is an amazing choice for both small and medium-sized rooms. It can cover even the large areas up to an extent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the most expensive appliances in the house. That is why we tried to answer some of the most common questions asked.

What’s the most essential feature to look for in an Air Conditioner?

Although there is a lot of things to look for in an air conditioner, think about the star rating twice. While a three-star rating will come cheaper in the beginning, it will cost almost equal and even more over time. Look for a better star rating as it will give you a better cooling along with a lower electricity bill.

Which one is the best AC brand in India?

Some of the best AC brands in India are Voltas, Daikin, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG. But what you buy should only depend on your requirements, like if you want a budget option, buy Voltas.  

What’s the difference between inverter and non-inverter AC?

Inverter AC is relevantly better in comparison to non-inverter AC as it consumes less energy and cools faster. The main difference between them is the variable speed compressor. It means the compressor never stops working, leading to less power consumption. The fixed speed compressor stops periodically, causing more energy consumption and inconsistent cooling.

Which is the best aluminium or copper condenser?

While both aluminium and copper condenser is good, it’s the chemical nature that makes the former is better than the later. Copper doesn’t corrode easily and gives more life to the AC unit. On the other hand, aluminium may corrode causing a lower life of the product and its performance.

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